Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cleaning My Home

In my last post, I said I am working at cleaning out all the old "stuff" from my home, working at making it a place to be proud to have company visit me again like it once was.  I have been doing things like going through what I have stored in my back rooms, giving much of it away over Freecycle or taking lots to thrift shops where I donate it and they sell it, using the proceeds for good causes.

Recently I discovered a local buy, sell, trade, give site on Facebook and am sad to say I have been buying way too much off of there.  It is a great site, and what I have bought is all good, all things I will use, yet my mission is not to buy more, but to get rid of more.  I plan to sell lots of things through this site, I just have to start digging things out, taking photos of what I want to sell, and posting the photos, description and asking price on the site.  Some of the things I know I have that need to go include, but are not limited to: drinking glasses I bought at a gas station decades ago, trimmed with 24K gold, never used and taking up space in my cupboards.  I am not sure what to ask for these collector glasses, what they might be worth.... winter jackets for women that no longer fit me as put away in a back closet.... jeans that are now too large for me must go.... a surround sound system with speakers that still work great though the volume level is not working right.... lots of ornaments and collectables.  I know there are many other things as well. Now to make the time to do the work!!!

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