Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Got A Bike

On December 8th, just one week ago, I posted that I had looked at a 'new' motorcycle, a 1991 Yamaha Venture Royale that I felt was good in many ways, yet not for me.  I continued to look at Kijiji through all of BC, looking each day to see what new posts had been made selling motorcycles.  I was looking for the 'right and perfect' motorcycle for me to trike. I saw nothing on Kijiji that suited me or my needs, though in the past I have seen many that would have done very well.  A friend of mine heard about a 1987 Honda Goldwing or sale and it sounded like a good deal... until we saw it.  It was in fairly rough shape and had been sitting unstarted for 10 years. I may have been tempted to buy it if I could get it for a couple hundred dollars, but he was asking a lot more than that. By the sound of it we may have been able to talk him down to $800 to $1000, but with all that would need to be done on it, that was too much. Also, when I sat on it and held on to the handle bars I was leaning forward just enough that it would be impossible for me to ride as my back would be in such pain I would not be able to function.

Then I got a call from my friend Rozi. You see, the Yamaha I had looked at belonged to a friend of hers and she was trying to sell it for him. When she told him I had been over and looked at the bike, and that I was a friend of hers wanting to build a trike, he told her he would drop the already good price by $800.  I went back and looked at it again, and I bought it!  So now I own the bike which is still sitting outside at Rozi's place as there has been a LOT of snow falling in our area in that time and there is no way I can bring it home just now.  I don't think it will fit into the back of my truck for me to bring it home; I would need 2 or 3 strong men to help load it into the truck if I measured and found it would fit; my driveway is so steep and so snowed in that I'm not sure I could back the truck up the hill and into the front of the carport which is the only place I have to store the bike and my current trike is in the carport so there is no room for the new bigger motorcycle. Rozi has a carport and will let me put the motorcycle in there for the winter as soon as some other stuff is moved out of the carport.  I can park it beside her ex-boyfriend's Harley that is still sitting there.  I still will need to get a couple guys to come over and help move it as it is too big for me to move, too big for me to ride as a 2 wheeler since I can't touch the ground with my feet when sitting on it.  I think getting a couple friends to move it should be no problem.

This is what it looks like now.... I look forward to being able to show off photos of what it will look like when the work is done and it is converted to a trike.

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Anonymous said...

Nice bike !!!
And you lucky girl ... you got one with running boards ... they are rare and very desiriable for a trike.

Check out Tri Wing Industries. They are in Victora, BC and make a trike kit for your new ride.