Friday, October 12, 2012

BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 5 and final

I have been sharing photos I took of trikes at the Brother's of the Third Wheel (BTW) Trike-in this July.
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 1
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 2
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 3
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 4

These Trike-ins, or get togethers of members of this world wide triker organization, are a lot of fun.  We get to visit and to ride with other trike riders, to talk trikes and generally have fun. One of the things we do is to ride in a Poker Run.  Since ours is held in a town not far from where I live, I know the area very well which the others don't as they live further away in various parts of British Columbia and Alberta. The first time I went on this run with BTW I was new to the group and not yet a member of the club, so I was riding near the back of the group of trikes. We rode from Sicamous to Vernon on our way to Cherryville when the leader pulled into a gas station and had a talk with a few other members... then I was asked if I knew the way to the Gold Panner Cafe past Cherryville.  Of course I do, and I knew they were lost as they didn't take the 27th Street turn off the highway. I told them I knew the way, was asked if I would lead, said 'sure' and off we went.  This year, I am a member of BTW and I was asked to lead the entire route as the president of the BC Chapter couldn't get his trike started.  Since I was the leader I got to take them on a wee bit of a side trip, lol.  I took them to say HI to my Mom... not sure what the other old folks thought when all those trikes came into the condo complex, but a few came out to look.

I just realized that some of you likely already know the trike in some of these photos that I have not talked about, and some of you many not know about it.  This 1983 Yamaha 650 Maxim motorcycle trike is mine, a one of a kind trike converted from 2 wheels to 3 just for me.  Here are a couple other photos of it:

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