Friday, October 12, 2012

BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 4

I have been sharing photos I took of trikes at the Brother's of the Third Wheel (BTW) Trike-in this July.
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 1
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 2
BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 3

This trike has a motorcycle front end, though the motor is not in the motorcycle frame, it is in the back.

This is his steering dampner.  I have one on my trike too.  It stops the front wheel from going into wheel wobble which is a very dangerous thing to have happen when you are riding. Thankfully, mine only went into wheel wobbles at lower speeds, 40-60 kph, while some bikes do it at higher speeds. I sure am grateful I now have a dampner in place.

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