Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fire Fox Issues.... or is it my Computer??

I have had a problem with Fire Fox on my other laptop and when it has happened, my friend Dan has always fixed it by doing a complete cleaning of my computer then putting programs back in.  I am now having this exact same problem with Fire Fox on my new laptop.  I don't have a clue how to reformat hard drive, and Dan had to move to Alberta for work nearly a year ago, so I guess I am just stuck with this FF problem. I can still use this as my browser of choice, but it is most annoying to have it working like this.  The tabs at the top can't be seen except when I move my mouse up to the top of the page, then it moves down to show the tabs, but moves back again as soon as I move the mouse. Also, the bar on the bottom of my page with the clock etc. on it disappears and I have to close FF to see that again.  Another thing, all of my bookmarks go away and I can no longer access them!! Most annoying!!  I have found a way around this though. If I open a second tab, then pull it away so it make a second window, then the second window does work the way Fire Fox is supposed to work. I can handle having 2 windows open to have the program work as it was meant to do.

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