Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm Home!!

Here I am, safe and sound at home with my laptop plugged in and the battery recharging. Earlier I was sitting outside on a table at one of the Tim Horton's coffee house/restaurants we have in our city. I drank tea while doing some blogging.  When my battery got too low, I had to shut down the laptop and head home on my trike. It sure has gotten a LOT cooler at night, just in the last 2 days or so. I am so grateful I took my hoodie along today as it really was a very cool ride home along the lake. It was a bit cool at Tim Horton's but not uncomfortable at all, though when riding you must add the wind chill factor in and it is much cooler than when just sitting.  I had to stop along the way to take off my helmet and put up the hood of the hoodie, then put the helmet back on. I will be zipping the longer ear/neck liner in for the evenings now, having it with me on the trike for whenever I need it. When I got home I checked the thermometer in my carport and it's just under 14 degrees Celsius and it is cooler closer to the lake I ride past.

Anyway, now I'm home in the warmth and comfort of my own home and back on the internet.  Since I didn't sleep much or well last night, I will not be on the computer long at all.  I think I will take a few minutes to look at some cheap T shirts online, then will go crawl into bed with my wonderful cat and see if I can have a better night than the last one.

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