Monday, July 23, 2012

Recuperation Day

Having thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of riding my trike, I was so very sore and tired today (Monday), so I accomplished none of what I had planned for myself.  Instead, I just stayed home and slept or sat around on the computer all day.  I had to recuperate.  Just not as young as I once was so need to rest up between the fun times now.  I used to have a windshield on my trike and found that it made riding less stressful on the body, so I really must get one on again soon.  The wind is deflected by a windshield and with it the bugs and rain. Without it for protection, the wind presses hard on the head and body, thereby causing me to get a very sore neck and upper back area. Riding a short distance without the windshield is no big deal, but a long distance is hard on this aging body.

My friend Phil's sister, Marilyn, has been down visiting for nearly 2 weeks and is returning to her home near Edmonton Alberta early tomorrow morning, so as much as I just felt like staying home, I wanted to visit with Marilyn once more before she goes.  I had promised to bring tea so I packed up a tea pot and 2 kinds of Rooibos tea and off I went in my truck as my body needed the rest from riding the trike and it was rather stormy and looking like it might rain.  We had a very nice visit for 2 or 3 hours, then we said goodbye until next time and I came home around 9pm.

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