Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Canadian Riders Club

Today I got a visit from Dan, a close friend of mine who has been living in Edmonton Alberta for around 9 months now, due to not enough work here at home.  He has come home for about a week or so and came by to visit me for a couple hours.  It sure was good to see him again.

I thought my chiropractor appointment was tomorrow at 4:30pm as I clearly remember telling Michelle to make it for Wednesday.  However, the reminder slip was on my table when Dan was here and I looked at it and discovered that it was made for today!!!  Good thing I looked at that reminder slip... something I don't always take. 

After my chiropractic treatment, I had about an hour to kill before going out on my regular Tuesday night ride, so I went to Canadian Tire to look at GPS systems.  The speedometer on my trike is not accurate and I have been approximating my speeds by the tachometer.  Two people have recently told me that the GPS systems tell you your speed and one told me it is even more accurate than the police radar guns!! Well, the less expensive GPS units did not have the speed you are traveling on them so I would have to pay more, and they guy that works there and was helping me said that you can't count on GPS systems to give you correct speed as they are extremely inaccurate!! So now I have conflicting stories and don't know what to do.  I will have to do some research on the internet I guess.

It was just before 6pm when I arrived at Blenz Coffee, the usual Tuesday evening time and place to meet for our All Canadian Riders Club ride.  Shane was there before me, Randy and Hammer soon arrived.  Hammer got a coffee and something to eat, so it was around 7pm when we actually left to ride.  We had been talking about riding and camping, and I had said I need an air mattress or foam mattress for camping. Randy told us about a really nice one he'd seen at Costco for a very reasonable price.  I don't have a Costco card,, but Shane does, so he suggested we go to Costco. We all hopped on our bikes and off we went for the 45 minute or so ride there.  Unfortunately, they were all sold out of the camping mattresses, but I got a pair of very nice leak proof travel mugs and Shane got a few things too. Having ridden there by the main highway, we rode back along back roads as much as possible. Glenmore from Kelowna to Winfield, highway for a few blocks, then took the road on the back side of Woods lake to Oyama.  From there we had to ride a ways on the highway again, then cut up a road to connect with Commonage Road which takes us right into Vernon.  I waved goodbye to the guys at the bottom of the hill and went off to fuel up my trike at Chevron and head home.  Today I had put 133Km on my trike.... yup, another good day!!

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