Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Riding Accessories

Part of riding a motorcycle or a trike is having the proper accessories in order to be safe. I have a good leather jacket as well as a cloth 'High Visibility' motorcycle jacket, a pair of leather chaps, a DOT approved helmet.  What I want to get is a good pair of riding boots. Oh, I have horse riding boots and have been wearing them, but they are starting to fall apart now so I definitely need a good pair of motorcycle boots. This evening I was looking at some 'driving gloves' at tillman gloves and found some of them very interesting, though I don't actually need new gloves.... and did 'need' ever have a lot to do with a woman getting things she likes? haha.  I guess I better wait and pay for my new brake shoes before I spend any more money on trike related things, but I can still keep these in mind for next week.

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