Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paint Job on Trike

About a month ago, Phil painted my trike for me.  He did a beautiful job of painting it Lazer Blue Candy over Cosmic Dust.  This is a 3 step process where, after it is all prepped and painted with primer, you paint it with the base coat, in the case the Cosmic Dust (silver), then the Candy Color (Lazer Blue), and finally the Clear Coat.  I think Phil put 3 or 4 coats of Lazer Blue and likely 3 of Clear Coat.  It looks fabulous!!  Unfortunately, the other day I backed the trike out of the carport and got a bit too close to the wheel barrow sitting where it shouldn't be... and I scraped the right fender, putting a huge scrape on it!!  I wanted to cry!! Then I had to go up to Phil's and tell him what I'd done.... not easy!!  One thing he had warned me about was that Candy paint can not be repaired it it gets scratched, unlike the regular base coat, clear coat paint jobs.  Phil's friend Charlie came up for  short visit at Phil's and of course Phil showed him what I'd done.  The next day, Phil told me he had a way to fix it and that Charlie agreed it would be a good fix.  What he did was sand the area and tape it off, then spray painted it with the same flat black paint as the box is painted with.  He did the same for the left fender too.  Not only does it cover up the scraped, but it also looks really fabulous!!! It even looks better than the straight blue fenders did, kind of like 'detailing' or 'pin striping'.  We have decided to do the same thing on the gas tank too.  It will look great!!

 Note to self: Move the wheel barrow before bringing the trike home again!!

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