Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Home Nightmare

I keep wanting to get my house cleaned up, and am just so busy I never quite get it done.  Today, for example, I was not home all day.  Phil picked me up in the morning and we went to where my trike is being worked on, thinking I'd get to drive it home today, but I didn't so spent the day with Phil, then caught a ride home with my neighbor, Denise, to save Phil the drive out.  He'll likely have to come get me tomorrow again as the trike should be done then. I could/should have gotten stuff done then, like taking care of plants and my garden, but I laid down for a nap.  Now it's time for me to head to town to my spiritual evening at the Ashram.  I think I am going to have to get a bunch of storage bins and just put as much in them as possible and hide them so this place looks good.  Phil's sister, Marilyn, will be out in about 3 weeks and will likely want to come out here to visit me.  YIKES, running out of time!!

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