Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Trike Near Ready to Paint

With so much happening on my trike I don't have much time for doing some of the other things in my life just now.  Part of my agreement with Phil is that I go up there and work on my trike along with him. He has done so much incredible work on it so far, much of it early in the morning before I get up there... and we have done much together too. He may have fixed my back brakes the first day it was at his place and I will know that for sure when I get to ride it, but it does appear that they are much better than they were. He has also fixed up the old box which I had hoped to replace this year and now will be waiting until later to do so, he has built brackets for holding the fenders on, etc etc.  Today I took it all apart so it is ready for him to paint as soon as we get decent weather. His shop is not heated, so he wants it to be warm and dry so the paint will dry better.

With my trike in mind, I have been looking at some rain gear and some other new clothes that could come in very handy this summer. I like what I saw at carhartt outlet when I visited their site. I think some new jeans and shirts would be good. I also need a new pair of riding boots.

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