Thursday, May 03, 2012

One Door Closed....

I had to change plans for the "Trike Make-over". Some so called friends were to build a new metal box for my trike, put in a set of springs on the back, and change a gasket on the motor as well as the fork seals. Well, they got rather carried away with the planning and didn't seem to hear anything I said so at first I thought I'd just go along with it as it seemed to all be okay.  Then I discovered that changing to a solo seat, though something I would love to do, just is not in my budget at this time and much of the conversion they planned was based on going to the solo seat. Then I spent time one day watching Ray around the trike, listening to what he was mumbling to himself... and I realized that he didn't have a clue what he was doing. He was going to change the frame of my motorcycle and the frame of the trike part.... and he didn't have a clue what he was doing!! He was risking my life as well as probably about to destroy my trike!! So, I said just change the box and add the springs, forget about doing all the rest of it.  Okay, this is all a short version of a long and nasty story so I will skip most of what was said on the club forum just telling you that he started accusing me of 'screwing' him out of money he'd spent on parts and supplies for the conversion.... yet he had not told me about buying these parts and supplies. I asked him to explain and "stuff" went back and forth there for a bit.  I decided to go talk to him in person.  My trike was in pieces in his shop... I had done 30+ hours of work in his shop, doing inventory for his small engine repair business for FREE in exchange for the work he would be doing on my trike.... we had been friends for a year.... so I thought I could go talk to him like adults.  At first he wouldn't look at me or speak to me, then when I didn't leave, I stayed and asked "Ray, can we talk about this now?" he got very rude and was actually screaming at me like a psycho. He screamed that he was starting to get upset and I should leave.  As I turned to go he added that I better get my friends over to get my trike out of his shop.  I assured him that I would have it out of there as soon as possible!  He said more nasty stuff as I was leaving and I must admit that I also said some nasty things, the guy even stood there and said things that were so ridiculous, bold faced lies right to my face, knowing that I knew they were lies!!! I couldn't believe it!! The guy was mentally melting down right in front of me!! Interestingly, I usually get scared when anyone, especially men, get mad around me and especially if they are mad specifically at me.  This time I didn't realize it until later, but I was not in the least bit afraid.  Angry, yes... disgusted, yes.... but not afraid!!

The next day I went back there with friends. Four male friends to be exact!! Do you think Ray yelled at me with my friends there? Do you think he said anything rude to me then? Actually, he didn't even have the balls to come outside!! His truck and motorcycle were there and when we first got there his door was open, yet we saw not hide nor hair of him... he hid inside the whole time!! I guess there is a big difference between yelling at a lone woman and facing her with 4 guys backing her. It felt SO GOOD to have my trike out of there and to know that I will never again have to talk to that psycho again!!! It was like loosing about 250 pounds of ugly fat!!!!!! 

When one door closes, another one opens.... and it is pretty much always a better one!!

I took my trike to Phil's place and in 1 day he had done more to my trike than Ray had done in the 2 weeks or so that it had been at his place. More on this later!!

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