Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My 2 Cents Worth!!

Every time I sign in to one of my blogs now, Google wants me to add my mobile phone number so that if I forget my password or can't log in to my blogs for some reason, they can contact me by sending a text message to my phone.  I refuse to do that!! I will not give my cell phone number here or anywhere on the web!! Once upon a time I made the mistake of giving my cell number on the internet and they sent me many text messages and there was a $5 charge for each one, so by the time I got my bill and found out about these charges, I owed a scary big bill!!!!!!! I do not know if Google charges for the text messages they send, or if Telus would attach a charge to those messages, but I will not take the chance.  Google can send the information needed to my email accounts that they have always used in the past.  Not every person that has a blog on Blogger has a mobile phone and if I did not have one then the information could only be emailed to me.... and now the information can only be mailed to me.  I just wish they'd quit asking as it's a PITA each time I sign in.

There.... my 2 cents worth!!

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