Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trike Make Over.

The other day I was over at my friend Ray's place to do some work on taking inventory of his parts and supplies for his small engine repair business.  When I got there he told me he had something to show me and off we went to the back of his pick-up truck.  He opened the canopy and reached inside, pulling his arm back out with a set of 25" leaf springs clasped in his hand. WOW, perfect!! They are for my trike!! The first 2 years of riding my trike I have done it with springs on the motorcycle portion, but no suspension at all on the trike portion, so this can make for a somewhat hard ride. My trike is about to go through a major rebuild in the next few weeks and part of it is adding the springs to the back end to make for a much nicer ride. The box on the back of my trike has been a metal frame and cedar wood that at first looked very nice, though with time, rough roads and weather it no longer looked so good. It is time for the box to be changed so I am getting a checker plate box built for it, being aluminum, with a good polishing, it will look much like chrome. This box will also have a locking lid where the old box was open at the top. With my gas tank and and fenders getting a nice new paint job, the trike will have a totally new look as well as the better ride.  I am so excited I can hardly sit still!!

Also, my trike needs the gasket changed on the Valve Cover.  It was badly leaking out engine oil last year and since it was close to the end of riding season I just kept adding more oil and riding some more.  I knew that before I put it back on the road this spring it would need to be fixed, as well as the fork seals will be changed to stop the minor leak through the left fork seal. I also plan to do an oil change.  By the time the trike hits the road it will be ready to ride all summer long!!

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