Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Long Time Friendship

I have a long time friend that lives in Oliver, his name is Mike.  Several years in a row I went to the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race in Omak, WA with Mike in his motorhome. Was good times. Then his girlfriend caused a lot of problems between us so I more or less ended the friendship.  I don't need that kind of grief in my life.  Well, it took him awhile, but eventually he clued in and got rid of her, then phoned me again.  At first when I saw his number come up on the phone I almost didn't answer, then decided it was time to forgive. It was a bit slow, but we started to put the friendship back together again.  Then he got a new girlfriend and though I did meet her, I didn't get to know her and I didn't hear much from Mike for some time, though did still get the odd phone call here and there from him.  Now that woman is gone, moved back to Saskatchewan to her family as she missed her two sons so much.  Now Mike phones more often and I can tell he's hurting and missing Jenny a bunch, needing what I am.... a good friend who understands.  The other day he said someone gave him a used pc, and he's going to take some lessons on how to turn it on, and use it.  I expect he soon will be emailing as well as phoning.  I know he'll be doing lots of research on buying and selling older vehicles.

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