Sunday, April 22, 2012


Talk about a frazzzzling day!!! My plan for today was to do a bit of blogging then head off to visit my Mom, about a 30 minute drive from here. It's been too long since I last went to visit Mumsy and I want to see her, so had planned to go yesterday and have a quiet day at home today, then wasn't feeling great yesterday and decided to nap instead of going anywhere. That makes today the day I go. So I am quietly blogging away and the phone keeps ringing, MSN is buzzing and when I don't answer it, the friend then phones instead, Skype starts ringing while I'm on the phone. Skype didn't want to work right, so ended up another phone call... more MSN bleeps.  Finally I get all that taken care of and phone Mom, "I'll be there soon" and I hear a noise outside. Someone arriving to visit me!! "I will still be there Mom, just not sure when".... while visiting the phone rings again, a dear friend who has been gone to South America for 6 months and Europe and USA for a month or two before that, so was very good to hear from him. Finally the phone started to beep, telling me it is about to die.  Ya, phone, me too!! All I want to do now is crawl into a bed... my double bed, a kids bunk beds, even the dog's bed... I don't care, just want to nap!! And I must head out to visit Mumsy... sigh.

I don't know why I get so frazzled so easily, stressed and overwhelmed, but I do. It didn't used to be like this and I so want to turn back the clocks so I can get rid of this kind of thing. I'm taking a few minutes to rest, then feed the birds and change my clothes before I head out to visit Mom.

I am grateful that so many people want to talk to me and spend time with me!! I just want it to be spread out over time, not all calling at once!! LOL.

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