Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My Bed

I have always loved antique furniture and was delighted when my parents one year long ago now gave me their old bedroom set.  It has the bed with head and foot boards, one of those bedroom vanity sets with the vanity and stool, and what they always called a highboy... a tall dresser with 4 drawers.  The bed was still the old style with a set of springs that the mattress rests on, no box spring.  Well, I slept on this bed for nearly 20 years, then this fall I bought a really awesome box spring and mattress, brand new.  They are the first ones I've ever bought.  I put the old springs and mattress outside in the carport for now, and put the box spring and mattress with the old bed.  It makes for one very high bed to climb up on each morning, but it sure is comfortable to sleep in all night.  I am so grateful for the comfort of this new bed and for the fact I have so much less pain all night than I did before. 

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