Saturday, February 25, 2012

DVD Burning

I downloaded some movies from the internet, and a friend without a computer wants me to burn him some.  He even brought some bland DVDs over today for me to do this for him. I've burned DVDs before, but not for a long time and not on this particular computer, and not with the program this computer has on it... Windows DVD Burner or something like that.  It was taking a terrible long time and not really getting anywhere.  I talked to my friend Dan on MSN and he said he could send me another program that would work better, and walk me through using it.  He uses Ashampoo all the time, apparently.  So fine, I cancelled the one I had going and he sent me the file over MSN, but after taking a long time to transfer the file, just when it's about to be done, suddenly I get a message that it can't be completed.  We tried different ways, including zip file and still it can't be sent to me.  So after hours of trying to get the program, all I have is a beastly headache and a ton of frustration.  Guess I'll re-start the Windows DVD program and just let it run all night, hoping it's finished by morning.  I could have used all these wasted hours for something much more productive.

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