Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thinking of a Friend

I have a lot of friends, some I see on a regular basis and some that I only see once in a while. It seems like if something happens to cause me to think of a certain person I haven't seen in some time, I end up running into them in a store or talking to someone who mentions that person I had just thought of. Today I read something on the internet about motorhome repair, just something I came across while surfing, and that reminded me of a fellow I've known for many years who makes his living doing repairs to motorhomes, RV trailers, horse trailers, trucks.  I haven't seen him for quite some time now and last time I did, it was at Nurseryland, just across the lake from where I live.  Today I was at that store for awhile.  Now I am wondering if I will see him somewhere one day soon.

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