Sunday, January 08, 2012

56? Wow!

It was a quiet day for my birthday. I would have liked a bit more excitement, but oh well, not a big deal. I'm too old to worry about a thing like that anyway. Not that I'm saying I'm old, just too old to worry about silly things. I went to an Eckankar study group in the morning, then had tea at the mall with my friend Art who I haven't seen in ages. When Art left, I went into a store right beside the food court and bought myself 2 pair of black stretch pants, 2 pair for $15 plus tax. I then went shopping for some food items I needed and phoned another friend. I was planning to go visit Phil for the evening, but he wasn't feeling well, so I came home and watched TV curled up in my chair with my laptop and my cat, Mewsic. Yes, it was a quiet day, yet still a pleasant one. I was born in 1956 so I just turned 56 (wow, it's hard to believe I'm this old already) and I know that 'living my birth year' is going to be a very incredible and wonderful year!!!

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