Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thursday This Week

Being Thursday, I went to TOPS this morning (down 1/2#), then for lunch with 'the ladies'. As often happens, I also went to the Bargain Bin (2nd hand store) with some of my friends. I've been staying away from there a lot lately as I am working at getting rid of stuff, not wanting to bring more home!! Anyway, I've been wanting a duvet cover (queen size) as I was recently given a duvet that didn't have a cover (thank you so much, Cat, I love it!!) So guess what I found at the Bargain Bin!! Yup, a queen size duvet cover... BRAND NEW, STILL IN THE PACKAGE!!! Regular price $186.99.... It was priced $20.00 and being all the stuff in that area was 1/2 price today I got it for $10.00!!!! WoHOOO!!! I love a good deal!!! I also got a pair of short leather winter boots, 2 pairs of earrings, a set of 3 small canisters (very handy for various bulk foods), a blouse, a large bed sheet, an eagle patch (Harley style, says Ride Free and Motor Cycles) I'll give to a Harley friend at Christmas.... total cost $19.00!! Not bad!! While there I should have checked to see what they had for breeches, but didn't think of it then, so maybe next week. Anyway, I already have the duvet into it's cover and my bed looks great. Can hardly wait to slide into it tonight.

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