Monday, October 17, 2011

New Stuff

I have been having some fun spending money this last while. I have bought a newer truck as well as my very first mattress!! Oh, I've had and owned and slept on mattresses before of course, but what I mean is I've never actually purchased a mattress before. Many many years ago I bought myself a queen sized water bed that of course came with a water bag which is a type of mattress, yet that is totally different from what I mean. My parents gave me an antique bed and the mattress that they had on it. They had used this bed for many years themselves and no longer had a use for it so gave it to me along with the matching vanity, stool and highboy dresser. I don't remember for sure when this bedroom suite came to me, but know it was before I had the renovations done to my home and that was in 1997, so you get the picture, it's an old mattress. So now I've actually shopped for and purchased a brand new Obusform, pillow top mattress that is going to be so comfortable and good support for my back!! It is on order and I am so looking forward to when it arrives and I get to sleep my first night on it. The Brick has a special deal on just now where if you buy this particular bed you get a free 51" Samsung Plasma TV!! Oh ya, I know I paid more for the mattress to get the 'free' TV than I would have had to otherwise, but that's okay. I figure I still got a good deal... I figure I paid about $450 for the TV this way, so I'm good with that. I wonder now, though, if all the cords and such come with it for hooking this TV up... things like the dvi to hdmi cables and all that type of thing. I hope all I need is included, and if it's not I guess I'll just have to go buy whatever is needed.

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