Monday, October 17, 2011


The following is copied from The Divine Awakening on Facebook. I read it and it really touched my life. I have re-read it multiple times, then decided to share it with you. It may touch your life too.

It is human and natural to feel alone at times; to forget that there are people who love us and are thinking of us even when we're far from them or haven't seen them in a long time.

It's vital to also know that there are Spiritual Beings of Light who are always around us, loving and supporting us. These beings give us little reminders every day of how much we are loved, through poignant song lyrics, or a well placed sign on the side of the road; Spirit is always giving us signs if we only have the eyes to see and ears to hear them.

It is not just Spiritual Beings who come into our lives to love us on an energetic level, but also people. It may be difficult for you to completely understand this; but every single person you encounter is sent to you from Heaven. You have never once met a person in your life who wasn't sent especially for you, at exactly the right moment. As Neale Donald Walsh said in one of his Conversations with God, "I have only sent you Angels".

We are all made of the same essence - God - Love - Universal Life. And we all play important roles in each others lives whether we are aware of it or not. Someone may come into your life and give you nothing but pain, and on a conscious level perhaps they choose to hurt you, and yet on a Spiritual level their soul knows that your own soul has asked them to play this role in your life, so that you can learn a valuable lesson, and remember a vital truth about Love.

So the next time someone hurts you, or angers you, or causes you unpleasantness in your life, take a moment to remember that they are as sacred and as Loved as you are - for they are made of the same Essential God-Energy as you. Give thanks for the lesson they've come to teach you, and then get over your feelings of victimization - realize the lesson - and move through it.

You are never alone, you just forget that sometimes. But right now, as you sit there reading these words, your guides and Angels surround you, reaching out to you in energetic warmth and Love. You are the most special being in the Universe to them. And even the lowliest or tyrannical of human beings in the world are loved by their own guides and Angels.

Because again - God has sent us nothing but Angels

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