Sunday, October 30, 2011

Human Challenges

Today I was at a Baby Shower that I was invited to about a month or so ago. I found it most boring though am happy I went as many others canceled or just didn't show up. The young mother to be is the younger daughter of a friend of mine, both special people. Another friend of mine is always talking about how 'old' his is and has already been giving out many verbal birthday party invitations, for when he turns 60 in April 2012. While one boy is soon to be born, another one is more or less planning the end of his life when he could be planning many years yet to come. So much of humanity doesn't make much sense to me, I must admit. My mother is now 88 years of age and seems to still have more plans for her life than the friend who is going to turn 60 in just over 6 months. I wish I could better understand sometimes... and yet maybe it's not for me to understand. I just wish I could find a way to help my friend plan for more life and actually look forward to it.

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