Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Rider Killed!!!

I have my TV on and the News is currently on. There was just a story about a PT Cruiser hitting a motorcycle and killing the driver of the motorcycle. I find this kind of thing most upsetting and unsettling!! Why? Because not only am I the owner and driver/rider of a motorcycle, but I too have been hit by a car. I am one of the very very lucky ones.... I lived to tell the story!! I lived to ride another day!! My trike (3 wheeled motorcycle) was totally destroyed and I received some very serious injuries that will forever plague my life. Yet I am alive and still functioning nearly as normal.

I asked the police and the insurance company, but neither one will tell me if the woman who was driving the car that hit me was charged with anything!! This woman nearly killed me and no one will tell me if she even got in any trouble for it!! Oh, I know the 'fault' of the crash was 'found in my favor', so my insurance premiums don't go up and hers do, but big deal, so she has to pay a little bit more for her insurance, just as she would have to if she damaged another car... which she did. Yes, after hitting me and my trike, she went on to hit a Honda car before she finally got around to stopping about 1/3 of a block further down the street.

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones!! The rider who was killed by the PT Cruiser was not so lucky! Statistics show that 85% of crashes involving motorcycles are cars hitting the motorcycles, and in most cases the car turns left into the lane of the motorcycle. When a car hits a motorcycle, it is never a good outcome!! I would really like to ask a question of some of these 'cage' drivers (cage = car, truck or van). I would like to ask "How does it feel to kill an innocent person? How does it feel to end the life of a man/woman, a father/mother, a son/daughter, a husband/wife?" Oh, I know that these people don't get up in the morning and say to themselves "I think I'll go out and kill a motorcyclist today"... and yet they do due to ignorance, due to being in too big a hurry, due to talking on their cell phone, due to just not paying attention to what they are doing!! Then they say "I didn't see it!" THEN LOOK!!!! My trike and I were not easy to 'not see'. I was wearing a salmon colored, highly visible vest over top of my black leather jacket, the trike is as wide as a car, and I was flying the Canadian Flag on it!! If she couldn't see me than I guess she wouldn't see a bicyclist or a pedestrian either. She nearly killed me... I hope she at least learned something from the experience. I sometimes wonder if she's ever even given a second thought to the woman she hit that day!!!

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