Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Minter Gardens 2

Here are some more of the photos I took at Minter Gardens about a week and a half ago when I was there with a friend. We drove down in his truck, ate lunch, walked through these exquisite gardens, then drove back in about 14 hours or so. It was an incredible day and my first time at these gardens, though he has been there several times. I took 763 photos with my digital camera and they are now all on my computer and of course my exterior hard drive for protection. I would like to be able to display them and show them to people who come to visit so am thinking maybe something like one of da lite screens might be an option. This of course would mean getting a projector too, so maybe something else, but the digital photo frames just seem too small as for this project I am thinking much bigger.

If you click on the photos you will see them... bigger!

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