Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden & Trike

This time of year, my life is all about gardens and motorcycles, or to be more specific, my garden and my trike (3 wheeled motorcycle). Oh, I still have to do things like house work and other things necessary in life, but my main focus is my garden and my trike. Working on the trike to get it ready for riding season can be a dirty job as is gardening and any painting needed so I always make sure I wear old clothes to do this kind of work. I was thinking I might check out the 2nd hand stores for some lab coats, thinking they would be great for wearing over other clothes to keep clean. I used to raise and show rabbits and I found that it worked well to wear something like that over my good clothes at shows and while handling the rabbits at home. I also find that rabbit droppings are great for my garden so even though I no longer raise or show rabbits I am glad I have one pet rabbit left and am thinking about getting a few more.

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