Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Accomplishments

I have spent most of today out in my garden. Dan came over and moved a set of stairs for me from my garden to the other side of the house, up against the retaining wall. Now I can get up to that part of my yard with much greater ease. I've had those steps for may years and wanted them where they are now so am very happy to finally have them there. Since he was here, I've planted seeds in the ground and into pots; I've added soil to the Freezer Raised Garden to bring the so it's now ready to be planted in; I did a bunch of digging with my shovel and leveling with my rake to level out some hills and dips (Several years ago this area of the yard was dug up to replace the septic line and was never properly leveled. I just planted some herbs on the hill and now want to improve it.) I worked then rested, worked then rested so that I could keep going without causing my body too much pain. I was in one of my rest periods, sitting at the table out there, looking around admiring the accomplishments and planning more when suddenly very large drops of rain began to fall fast and furiously. I grabbed my phones (cell & cordless land line), my tea cup and water bottle, gloves and seed packages, and ran for cover. It really poured out there for awhile though I think it's stopped now.

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