Friday, April 29, 2011

+ and - in life

I wonder if there is an ergo baby carrier large enough to pack adults that act like babies!! Two people on my Facebook are fighting and I am getting flack for not taking sides. I don't want to take sides and besides, I haven't even been online to get involved. Oh well, I have enough of my own problems and don't need to take on anyone elses. Sad.

Now, on to better things. I am happy to say that I finally got my Income Tax done today. I was having problems with it and ended up phoning Canadian Taxation Agency where I talked to a very nice gal who helped me a lot. Now all is done and just needs to be mailed. I wish I had thought to buy stamps today, then I could mail it down the road, but will have to drive to town to buy stamps and mail it. Oh well... such is life. A nice drive tomorrow or the next day might be a good thing for me.

I am grateful that I was able to buy 5 bags of pellets for my stove today. Though I'm not happy that it's still so cold that I need them, I am happy to have them to keep my home warm for me and my pets.

I am grateful that all my wonderful pets are safe and sound in my home with me.

I am grateful for my trustworthy truck that always runs well and gets me from place to place.

I am grateful that I have many many many things to be grateful for.

I am grateful that I know the power or gratitude!!

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