Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cel Phones

I recently got a new cel phone and upgraded my plan to include more features. I now have 200 daytime minutes, used to have 250 but it's okay to loose the 50 because I now have Unlimited Incoming calls, so don't have to use any of my precious minutes when someone calls me, only when I dial out now. I also now have Caller ID which I already had as well as Voice Mail which I didn't have before. Seems to me there's something else too that I'm forgetting about just now. I looked at some of the blackberry phones, and really liked them, but if I got one of them I had to pay for internet connection too, and I feel that with having 2 laptops on the internet I didn't need my phone to be too. I got a very nice phone that if I ever want to go online with it I can and for now I don't have to, it's a choice. This phone has lots of features my old phone didn't have so I am getting a lot more use out of it than just as a phone so this is a bonus.

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