Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thinking about time.

Time sure has been flying for me and it's hard to believe it's almost 8 weeks since I was in the crash. This Friday it will be 8 weeks. On October 27 I went to a movie with a dear friend I hadn't seen in many months and here it is already a week since then, though I was thinking it had been 2 weeks, so time is getting mixed up for me. Anyway, it's been quite some times since I was last to a movie at a theater and was surprised to find out that you no longer buy your theater tickets at a desk when you enter the front door, then if you want popcorn etc you go line up to get those things. Now you go in and line up in the 'treat' line to get tickets and your treats all at the same place. I can see where this would increase chances that people will purchase snacks to eat during the show... even if they hadn't been planning to do so before they got there. I really enjoyed the movie and Pat's company.

I spent time today working at cleaning my home. I've been doing this lately, trying to get it back to where it once was before I let it go. It sure is starting to look better in spots. Oh so much more to do... and it seems to take a lot of time to accomplish a little bit. I can only do small amounts at each go due to having a broken wrist and back problems. I am now laying on my bed resting my back so I can go to Toastmasters this evening. I have to be there early as I am the Greeter... and the Table Topics Evaluator and the Speech Evaluator #2 as well as one of the 2 Timers. Our club was a good sized group last year, but many people moved away so now we are a very small group in need of new members, and those of us that are left do several jobs each Tuesday.

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