Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cold Weather

Last week some people were still riding their motorcycles, then on Friday there was a drastic change in weather. Overnight it went into the deep freeze and Friday we got our first snow of the year. It has been way colder than usual for this time of year too. It's been so cold that politicians and CEOs of Insurance companies have been seen with their hands in their own pockets!! Now that is cold! I don't usually wear a jacket as I don't usually feel the need to, only when it's really cold, and I've been wearing one the last several days and been very grateful for having warm jackets to wear. Last night before I went to bed I checked the thermometer outside my door and it was a nasty -20C (0C = 32F). This morning as I left for my physiotherapy appointment it was -13C, so had warmed up some though still cold. This evening the snow started falling again. Dan, a friend of mine, is driving 117Km (73 miles) each way to work these days and stopped to visit me on his way home this evening. He said it was horrible driving in the snow storm as he couldn't see where he was a great deal of the time.

Tonight on TV they said we've broken records for cold temperatures. Today -19.8C broke the record set in 1985 at - 18.4C. Burrrr!

The weather forecast is for it to start warming up to normal November temperatures, and for us to get a lot of snow in the next while.

I sure am grateful to live in a nice home with a good pellet stove to keep me and my pets warm, and with hot tea to add to the warmth and comfort.

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