Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Trike Returns Home

Thankfully, I have always been blessed with nice skin. Oh, I get the odd outbreak, a zit here or there, though nothing to where I would require acne products. I've always felt blessed to have this kind of skin, not even having the usual megga zits in high school. Now that I have arrived in the mid 50s, I am blessed to have very few wrinkles & the ones I do have are not very deep, mostly just 'laugh lines'. I am very aware that I got off 'very light' in the motorcycle accident I recently had. After the car hit me, I was thrown off my trike, hit the car, then hit the paved street. When I later examined my helmet and saw some pretty heavy scraping on it, I sure was glad I'd been wearing a good helmet or my head & possibly my face would have been severely damaged.

I got my trike home yesterday. Though the insurance company & I have not agreed on a price for them to pay me for my wrecked trike, they offered to sell it back to me for salvage. I agreed, happily, and some friends helped me get it home. Having a good look at it once it was here I got to see that it has even worse damage than I had tough. No wonder the insurance company said it can only be used for parts & can never be repaired & put back on the road.

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