Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom Called

I just got off the phone with Mom. She phones fairly frequently to see how I'm doing. I know she would like to be able to come down to help me, but she;s 87 and not in the best of health. Though she still is able to drive her car round the small town where she lives and to a couple neighboring small towns, she is no longer able to make the drive down here. Though part of me 'wants my mommy', I know that overall it's better she can't come here. She would be devastated to see how messy my home currently is. I've been trying to over come the problem & get things back under control, then ended up in the crash, broken wrist, and barely able to feed myself nevermind do lots of cleaning & heavy work.

The next few months will be filled with things like doctor appointments, orthopedic surgeon appointments, more x-rays, physio therapy & chiropractor treatments, lawyer, insurance company, etc, etc, etc. I'm glad I don't need eczema treatments. At least that's one less thing I need to do.

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