Friday, October 22, 2010

Loving The Ride

All summer long I rode my trike, leaving my truck parked at home. I put very nearly 6,000 kilometers on the trike in just under 4 months of riding it... then got wiped out by a car. I so loved riding, being 'in the wind' on my own 'ride'. This was my first motorcycle though it won't be my last. I will build another one. I so enjoyed being in the sunshine and even didn't mind a lot when I had to ride in the rain, I found a way to carry a cup of tea to my destination so I could have it to drink when I got there. I found that riding the trike I could not eat while driving, like I can do driving my truck. I just somehow felt happier and different about me & my life. Riding my trike I would never need even best weight loss supplement, the trike was my weight loss supplement in an odd way. I really just love the ride. Maybe it's a spiritual thing.

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