Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I spent a quiet, relaxing morning at home, followed by swimming with Joyce & her daughter Melissa. We get together several times a week to go swim together. I have been doing 17-18 laps of the pool, and am told that 32 laps is 1 mile, so I do my 1/2 mile + 1 or 2. I plan to work my way up to the full mile in time. Just now my right arm & shoulder give me a lot of pain so I don't want to really push it, though it hurts less when in the water than it does any other time. The worst time is when I lay down, then the pain increases (I don't know why). This makes for very poor sleep each night. I currently have shooting pain going down the arm from just below the shoulder joint to the elbow... a challenge to type. It was bothering me some before I started riding my trike, so I know it's not from that, or at least not all from that. The left arm bothers me too but not anywhere near as much as the right one. Anyway, after the swim, as usual we sat in the hot tub for awhile, then showered and went on our way.

From the pool I rode about a half hour to Lumby where several of my friends were gathering for a birthday party at the pub. We not only enjoyed each others company and ate good food, we also sang a lot. Roy, the birthday boy (81 years young) is always bursting out in song, and with 2 other singers and us others that wish we were singers, we had a grand time. After awhile they turned up the music in the pub, perhaps to shut us up, but it didn't work, haha. Also, there was another table of people sitting just up from us that joined us in song. When we were all leaving, 6 of us (there had been 11 of us there) stood outside with our arms around each other, talking and singing. The feeling of Love is strong in a group like this. I sometimes think it would be great to have custom mugs made to commemorate these kind of days.

I rode home in the rain, thankfully not raining terribly hard but raining none the less. I was grateful for any little patch of road where it wasn't raining, and for my windshield. Though the windshield on a motorcycle is not high enough to totally block you from the rain, it does help a lot.

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