Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doggone Dog Gone

Last Wednesday, I got a 'new dog'. I drove my trike all the way to Edgewood, a 2 hour drive or more from here to look at this dog and brought her home. She, Koko, is a very cute dog. Her father, from what I was told, is pure Rottweiler, while her mother is 1/2 Great Pyreneese, 1/4 German Shepard & 1/4 Black Lab. A gentle type dog and very pretty. However, Koko had problems. Before I got her I was told she was an outdoor dog and after I brought her home I found out that before being an outdoor dog she was allowed in the house and up onto the furniture. I had known I would have to house train this 5 1/2 month old dog, but hadn't known I'd also have to teach her to stay off the furniture and off the kitchen counter. She had a bad habit of jumping up and taking whatever she could from the counter, and broke one of my good bowls while doing so. This is not even why I finally decided to return her to her previous owners. You see, every time I took her for a drive in my trike she got sick, either heavily drooling/slobbering, or outright throwing up. At first it wasn't too bad, though as time progressed instead of getting better she was getting much worse. I didn't have the option of leaving her home while I went out as each time I was out of her site, and some times in her site but more than 3 feet away from her, Koko had panic attacks, barking/whining/yelping until I returned to her side. 2 out of 3 times that I put her into Reba's old dog pen she managed to find a way out and disappear. The first time she came home after about 12 hours... the second time it took her 2 days to return. Obviously, though a very nice dog, she and I are not a match. I know she is much more suited to the life she had and now has again, living waaaaaay out in the country with a family that has 3 other dogs and never takes her for a drive. I thought perhaps it was due to the trike, so a friend drove us in his car and I sure am glad I put a tarp in the back seat for Koko to sit on as she puked 2 times on her way home as well as was soaking wet from drooling.

Will I get another dog?? Only time will tell. I love dogs and at this time I feel it's not the right time for me to get a new one. If I am meant to have another one it will happen and in the meantime my cat, rabbit, 4 chinchillas & 9 birds will have to be enough.

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