Friday, July 09, 2010

What I pack...

Things I take with me when I go out on my trike... or even in my truck for that matter, include:
- purse with money & drivers license
- cooler with snack bars in case I get hungry and have a blood sugar drop, and cans of Club Soda as I can't drink Coke or any other of those kind of drinks so carry my own "pop" (or "soda" as some call it)
- iphone 4 insurance (okay, I don't have an iphone, just a regular cell, but like to always have it with me just in case
- keys of course, for the vehicle, the house, and the mail box down the road
- a book to read just in case I have some "down time" to fill in, and usually Sudoku puzzles too
- often a change of shoes and/or clothes
- sunglasses
- if going to TOPS or Toastmasters I also take a briefcase with the required papers and manuals etc.
- often take Reba along for the ride too

I am sure there are things I have forgotten here, but this gives you the picture, I'm sure... I can't seem to even "travel light". Imagine when I go on a trip!!

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