Thursday, July 08, 2010

Start of the Day

I started my day today by checking email of course, then went out and got some iris plants in the ground. I was given a LOT of iris plants last weekend and now must get them planted while they are still alive. This doesn't fit well into my busy schedule, though I know I will be happy next spring when they are in bloom. I am putting them in along the edge of my home in the area I am referring to as my garden. I so wish I could build a deck off the side of the house there and cut a door in the wall where the window to my laundry room is, though at this time that is a lot of money that I don't have. I guess if I ever get that happening I will just have to dig up all these plants again and move them. In the meantime this will be a good place for them. This spring I was given a really nice patio set (table, umbrella, 2 chairs) that I put in that area of the yard (there is very little flat in my hillside yard) and that is where my raised bed gardens are. As the summer/fall progress I will continue to do a bit of work here and there to improve this area and make it even more enjoyable than it is now. This looks over a nice lake and mountains on the other side of the valley. I will get some photos of it to post here very soon. I still have lots more iris plants to get into the ground, 1/4 or less are there now, and it is already awfully 'warm' out there, so for now the rest of the plants stay in the shade of the carport. Maybe once that part of the yard is in shade this afternoon.... In the meantime, I have a 'tea date' so will dig out the best eye cream for wrinkles I have in my bathroom, apply it and other moisturizers and sunscreens (to avoid getting wrinkles that is), then onto my trike and away I ride.

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