Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Tomorrow

Today was a very wet, dark day. It was a day where I did some reading, watching TV, and basically stayed inside the entire time. I looked out the window a few times, and out the door... that is as close as I got to going out. I had planned to ride my trike into town to fill his gas tank and do some more 'practicing', though with all the rain I didn't do that. He was out in the yard all wet and looking sad.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is much brighter!! IF it is correct, it will be a very nice day, with summer beginning Tuesday. The forecast is:
Monday - A mix of sun and cloud. High 21. UV index 6 or high.
Monday night - Clearing in the evening. Low 7.
Tuesday - Sunny. High 27.
Wednesday - Sunny. Low 9. High 31.
Thursday - Sunny. Low 11. High 33.
Friday - Sunny. Low 15. High 33.
Saturday - Sunny. Low 16. High 32.
Could this really be the end of all that rainy weather we've had for the past 2 months or more?? Hmmm.

I really am hoping it is a nice day tomorrow. Why, you may ask? Because I am doing something very important after I finish my volunteer work at the Food Bank. Am I shopping for clothes? No. Looking at preschool furniture? Nope. How about going for a nice long hike? Not that either. I am riding my trike to town in the morning, rain or shine, and at 12:30 I am taking my Road Test. This is the final test in getting my motorcycle license. First I did the Knowledge Test (answering questions on a computer), then the Skills Test (also known as the Parking Lot Test where you weave around pylons and do starts/stops, etc.) Now for the road test the examiner will ride in a car following me around and telling me over a radio what to do, where to go, etc. and judging my skills on how I make these maneuvers. I feel that I am a capable rider/driver, and Tuggy has ridden with me and says I have nothing to worry about, that I am a good rider and will have no problems. I hope he's right.

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