Friday, July 02, 2010

My Day on Canada Day

Now comes the end of a great day.

I got up this morning to a cloudy sky and at one time in my life would have said/thought "What an awful day!!", though now I see that it is still a wonderful day, just a few clouds in the sky... no big deal. After feeding/watering all my animals and getting myself ready, I was off to my TOPS meeting, about a 15 minute drive north of here. Yes, even on Canada's Birthday we still have our TOPS meeting, though most stores and such are closed for the holiday. Our leader is away for a month's holiday in Australia, so I, the co-leader, have been running the meetings. The feedback I've been getting is that I am doing a good job of it. I'm glad they approve. The last few weeks I've been having a struggle and small though significant weight gains (last week I was up 1 pound, for example). Today, the dreaded few moments on the scales showed my weight down a half pound. Not a lot, though sure better than a gain, so I was happy.

The meeting today was a short one, then instead of our usual lunch together we went for tea/coffee and some had a small something to eat. No shopping at the Bargain Bin thrift store today as it was closed due to the holiday. I went to Mom's earlier than usual and had a nice visit though it was short as she had other plans, going to a friend's place for cards and dinner. I had gone up on my trike and this was the first time Mom had seen it, other than in some photos I showed her. She had been very unhappy about me getting a motorcycle though now seems to have gotten used to the idea and did seem to like 'my ride'.

She even was the one that suggested I take these shots. When it came to her getting on and off the trike she had a hard time as it's so big compared to her. I had to help her onto and off of the machine. She is, after all, quickly approaching her 87th birthday. I think these are pretty cool shots, haha.

I hit some rain on the way home and though it hurts my face when the drops hit, I still love the ride. Fortunately, the worst of the rain came down after I was home and in the house.

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Thom said...

What great photos and congrats on the weight my friend. :) Sounds like your Canada day went well :)