Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Bedroom

Laying here on my bed I look around and see not only do I have too much 'stuff' stuffed into this room, but also all my furniture is old. No, not yucky old, but good old. My bed, the matching highboy dresser, vanity & stool are all antiques that my parents had for many years before they gave it to me when they got a new bedroom set. I also have another antique dresser in here that was bought for me from my Aunt Kay & her husband back when I was about 13 or so. There is also a china cabinet in here that is old though not antique. I was going to give it away but no one answered my post on Freecycle for it. One of these days I might just decide to put it out by the road with a Free sign on it, or post it to Freecycle again. I do like it and would like to keep it as I can use a china cabinet, but there just isn't enough room in this home for one. I actually have a lot of old and antique furniture and 'stuff'. Another thing in this room is a phone table, another old thing. I'm not really big on modern furniture, though some of it can be very nice. I do really like the couch and loveseat set Mom has and it's very modern. I haven't even told you about the large bird cage in here with my 2 little Pacific Parrotlets living in it, or lots of other 'stuff'.

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