Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Triking

Yesterday I went out to Tuggy's and we did some more work on my trike. Some bolts had broken so the box on the back had to be held on with bungie cords. First we bolted it back together as well as did some work on the windshield. I took off the bottom brackets and Tuggy prettied them up a bit, then I put them back on. Looks a lot better... dull strip of metal turned into shiny brackets. While we were doing the above work, Tug's friend Bucky came by to visit and said to bring the trike to his place and he'd weld on it a bit. We did this so where the bolts were broken it is now partially welded together. We didn't totally do it as I may want to take the box off at some point if some kind of work ever needs to be done underneath it.

After we left Bucky' place, we rode in to town and parked in front of the Pub. On our way there we passed a guy riding up that way on a Harley. He showed up at the Pub while we were talking to some other people out front. He started talking to Tug about trikes, said he wanted one for a friend of his. We went in and sat down, had coffee/tea/pop/fries and talked. Tug told Raymond that there was a trike he built a while back and sold to another guy who decided he doesn't like riding trikes, so wants to sell it. The three of us rode together to the guy's place. One the way there my 'weird' mind was thinking: "2 trikes & 1 bike... 2 guys & 1 woman... 2 friends & 1 stranger... 2 Harley's & 1 Yamaha." I haven't a clue where that was supposed to be leading, haha. Anyway, we get there and the guy & his wife come outside. She points at her truck and says something like "Do you remember seeing me the other day? I was going like this..." and gave the thumbs up. She had been admiring my trike. I didn't have the heart to tell her "no. Loads of people do that to me all the time" and there is something vague there, so I said "yes". Anyway, we had a great visit while the guys looked at the trike and made the deal. Yup, Raymond is buying it for his friend, or at least making the purchase deal.

From there, we all went in our own directions. I rode to the store and got some groceries then home. I sure love riding with other people, yet I also love riding alone. Tug rides so slow that one would never have to worry about getting stopped for going too fast... Don could use a radar detector as he rides fast. When riding alone I am fairly close to the speed limit, though often do ride a bit over the posted limit.

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