Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Magical Weekend

This weekend I was in a 2 day Quantum Touch workshop. Before this, on Thursday evening I went to Blenda & Raymond's place for dinner (Raymond's birthday) and to meet their friend Trudy (from Ontario, the instructor for QT workshop) and a couple other people. After dinner & cake we had a healing circle where 6 of us took turns being the 'healer' or person receiving the healing, and the 'facilitators' or people giving the treatment. When I watched the ones that went before me I saw they claimed to feel much better... less pain and such... though still a part of me was not really buying into this. I mean, I've lived with this pain for getting too close to 30 years and have tried pretty much everything with little or no pain reduction, so just can't easily 'buy into' what people tell me. I've heard all too often how great this or that is for weight loss or pain reduction etc and these things haven't worked for me, so I don't just believe now.

Anyway, so the time comes for me to be the 'healer' and I am asked where I hurt. Where don't I hurt? is more the question for me... so I tell them that I hurt everywhere, am asked a couple more questions and asked can I lay over a chair... on my stomach. Yes, I can do that. It's a bit tough for me to get into position, but I manage (very stiff and sore everywhere). As the other 5 people 'run energy' on me I feel not much of anything, though I start to notice after awhile that I'm feeling less stiff and sore. This could still be due to getting a good stretch in my back while hanging over the chair like that. Well, more time passes and my treatment is done. It was a bit of a challenge to get off the chair after 10? 20? 30? minutes in that position (I truly have no concept of the time this took), but there was very little of the pain left and I felt happier and more energized than before my treatment. WOW, it really DID WORK!!

I had an appointment with my doctor the next morning. I made it more than a week ago to talk to him about a few things, including the pain in my left hip. This pain has been there for several months now, fairly intense pain most of the time that causes me to limp a fair bit, especially after I've been sitting a short while. As I sat in his office I decided not to bother telling him about this hip pain. Why?? because I hadn't felt it since the QT treatment the night before. It's now 3 days since the treatment and I still have no pain in that hip joint!!! Will it come back again? I don't know... it might... and if it does I know now how to treat it.

Friday afternoon I went to an Information Seminar about Quantum Touch and the upcoming workshop. I didn't really need to do this as I had already decided to go to the workshop, though I found it interesting and it supported my decision to take part. Trudy lent me her only copy (that she had along on her trip anyway) of the book Quantum Healing by Richard Gordon (I thought this was very generous and kind), so I went and read it while waiting to go to dinner with a friend then spend the evening together.

Saturday all day was spent in the Quantum Touch workshop, then today, Sunday, most of us there went to Sunday Service at the Centre, out to lunch, then all met again to continue the workshop until after 6pm this evening. Many of us seemed to not really want to leave. The energy in that room was really awesome!!

Driving to and from all the events of my weekend, I enjoyed seeing the life all around me that takes place at this time of year: flowering trees, flowers of all kinds in beds, used rvs for sale, motorcycles, old and antique vehicles, sports cars, people and their dogs out for walks. Yes, it has been an awesome few days and I feel so blessed to have lived them.

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