Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stray Thoughts

- Life has some strange ups and downs that come out of the middle of nowhere.
- Some men are jerks, some are not.
- I must get back on the weight loss track again. I think I have gained some this week. Will find out in the morning at TOPS.
- some people think mortgage life insurance is not needed, I think it a good idea though I don't have it.
- I enjoyed Ugly Betty tonight.
- things were kind of dead at the ANAF this evening and on top of that Wendy & I were both tired so not our usual 'good time' selves. Just sat & talked til around 9:15, then went home. She has to work in the morning.
- had to get more Gaviscon today due to acid reflux and to burning in stomach.
- reading lots about Clicker Training birds these days, getting ready to do some of it.
- I would love it if Mewsic would settle in... she keeps jumping on, then off, then on, then off my bed, landing on my stomach each time.


Margo said...

"Some men are jerks, some are not."
SO GREAT. Thanks for the reminder, especially this time of year :)

Michelle | Large Format Posters said...

Sometimes life goes for you, sometimes it doesn't. That's just how balance work. You can't be lucky all the time because others need their turn. And the point that some men are jerks are of course a given, you can see that when you watch the news.

Bennie Bee said...

I truly appreciate your disclaimer. I recently received a few of those spam comments. Which by the way how do you do this??

Anyhow, your blog is full of good energy and looking forward to reading more. Plus your photos of your pets are awesome.

Warm Regards,
Bennie Salindong
From Los Angeles, California