Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Word Thursday

I so wanted to take part in Three Word Thursday this week. I started to write the story and fell asleep. I was just about to log off so Reba could do a post and found this still sitting here.... drat! Oh well, guess I'll try again next week.

scaevity n 1623 -1658
unluckiness; left-handedness

She attributed her failure to evil forces, but her family felt it was a matter of scaevity.

gnathonize v 1619 -1727
to flatter
I can tell that you’re just trying to gnathonize me, you sycophantic buffoon!

roblet v 1674 -1755
to lead astray
He roblets his intended victims in the old part of the city before mugging them.

He had lived a life of abject scaevity, a life where whatever he did, things just didn't work out for him, not the way he wanted anyway. He had tried to bully his way through life, had tried to gnathonize to when the bullying didn't work, and that didn't work either. He had done his best to roblet several people over the years and even when he succeeded with that it didn't make him happy. He had had several women in his life and none of them made him happy... things just never worked out for him no matter what he did. That is, until he left the bike gang and moved west. Oh, leaving the gang and moving would not have made him happy either except that he also made several other changes in his life. For the first time ever he actually got an honest job.


quilly said...

Well, it was a start. Maybe you can work it into next week's piece.

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