Friday, February 19, 2010

My Day Today

Today I did a variety of things, from really enjoyable to slightly boring, lol. So what did I do?? Let me tell you:

- Drove to town to WalMart for a battery for my watch & they said they don't sell this brand so won't change the battery in it in case they damage it, so recommended I take it to a jeweler. I drove to the mall, a short distance, and took the watch to People's Jewelers. They changed the battery & it cost me a couple coins short of $12! Oh well, I bought this watch Wednesday evening at the auction.... a $150 price tag (before taxes of course) and I got it for $31 including taxes & buyers fees. I had no working watch so really needed this. Now I don't need to dig out the cell phone every time I need to see the time.

- drove to Canadian Tire & bought some welding wire & welding rods to take to Tuggy for my trike.

- went to Great Canadian Superstore for some groceries & cat litter.

- finally done with errands I drove to Falkland, a 1/2 hour or so away, to Tuggy's place. I got there just before noon & we worked on my trike for about 5 1/2 hours. We worked on the shock mounts, the box for the back, cleaned up the rearend in preparation for painting it, and cleaned some of the engine covers. A good day's work.

- since I had taken Tuggy out for dinner (supper?) last time I went out there, today he took me for eats. We shared an order of fish & chips at the pub. A very nice snack.

- drove back home & unloaded the groceries & a few other things from the truck into the house. With Reba having a sore foot I don't make her jump down from the truck just now, so to let her out to pee or to bring her in from the truck when we get home, I have to lift her off the tail gate & down onto the ground as best I can. She's somewhere around 90-100 pounds, so this is not a small job for me, though she doesn't fight it which does help.

- watch TV & blog & read various things on the net, including a bit about youthology review. Also, play PathWords on Facebook. I am very bored with Facebook and see it as a waste of time, so only play this game there and do some messaging with one friend I've known since I was 14.

- and of course I've fed all my animals except the rabbit & chinchillas who will be fed very soon. I am about to go do that and to get myself a snack, then do my teeth and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a full day with an early morning.

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