Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday January 12th

Today it was Aqua Therapy again. In the morning, before going to town, I did get a bit of housework done here... just the tip of the ice burg is cleaner now. I was later thinking I might do a "You Might Be A Hoarder If...." series of posts.

After Aqua Therapy, hot tub & shower, I went to my Dr. appointment. About a month and a half ago, I had some 'spotting'. Having had a hysterectomy some years ago this is not as it should be. I couldn't get in to see my Dr., so went to a Walk-In Clinic (we have 3 or 4 of them in town). The Dr. there took a scraping and sent it to the lab. It took about a month to hear back, then almost 2 weeks ago (on a Friday I believe it was) I got a phone call from them saying "Don't panic but..." Apparently there was some kind of problem though she wouldn't tell me much over the phone, just told me to go see my own Dr., assuring me that a copy of my visit records & the lab tests had been sent to him. I phoned to make an appointment & found out that my Dr.'s office was closed for several days, until the following Wednesday, due to them moving to a new location. I had to wait to make the appointment, then nearly another week to go in today to see him. Well.... after sitting there for nearly an hour while he ran around with a repair man, talking about things that need fixing, he finally gets around to talking to me... only problem was, he couldn't find anything about this in my files. Did they loose the papers that were sent to him?? Were the papers ever really sent?? No way of knowing. So now what? He is having his receptionist call the Walk-In Clinic to have them fax it over, then once he looks it over she will call me to let me know if I need to get in there right away or at my convenience. Oh hell, it's been a month and a half now, guess it's a bit late for 'right away'.

Tonight I went to Toastmasters. I was the Chair & the Toastmaster this evening. In my 'old' club we did one or the other, though in this club we do both in the same night. I didn't do the greatest job, not as good as I know I can, so didn't get a good evaluation at all, and on top of it all I was late getting there. It's a good thing we don't pass or fail these things, after tonight I wouldn't soon be handing out graduation announcements. Oh well, guess I could have done a lot worse too. I learned lots anyway.

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Thom said...

That's inexcusable for your doctor to loose that paper. I would be livid. I hope everything will be okay. Know my thoughts are with you :)