Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dropping Pounds

My weight loss continues.... and I am very grateful about that. Yesterday & today both, I put on "fresh from the dryer" jeans and was expecting them to be uncomfortably tight for the first while. Both times I was pleasantly surprised that they were not tight or uncomfortable, though the ones tonight were a bit snug. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!! or at least as good as getting thin again feels, or as good as getting into jeans feels. For many years I wore jeans pretty much most if not all of the time and I looked & felt "hot" in them, then when I put on all those pounds I won't wear jeans anymore as I felt they looked horrible on me.... fat girls should not wear jeans. I wore slacks with long shirts over them to cover the fat. Now, as I am dropping the pounds, I feel good about wearing jeans again and they are feeling comfortable again where for all that time they felt so uncomfortable and restricting.

I have been watching what I eat, learning through TOPS better eating choices, as well as being more physically active. I have to be in order to control the blood sugars since I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and I have to in order to loose the unhealthy pounds so I can look & feel good again. Men always tend to loose weight faster than women... this is because muscles are good fat burners for men. Exercise can also build good muscles for women and I am very fortunate that I've always had lots of muscle.

What's the best kind of exercise?? Doing push-ups away from the table! haha. Seriously though, doing exercises in the pool is really good and fun too.

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